Water for weight loss

If you are struggling with your weight, and are looking for one small change to make immediately, I would recommend increasing your water intake. Water works in a number of ways which can contribute to healthy weight-loss. It can...

  • Increase your calorie expenditure at rest (Dennis et al, 2010).
  • Reduce your appetite (Dennis et al, 2010).
  • Reduce your calorie intake in one meal by up to 13%  (Davey et al, 2008).
  • Increase feeling of fullness (American Chemical Society, 2010).

There is so much emphasis in society on finding a "magic potion" which can lead to weight loss. When you take into consideration the research that exists, there is no argument that drinking plenty of water will give you leverage on your weight loss journey. It is a keystone habit for weight loss and weight loss maintenance. The American Chemical Society (2010) found that over a period of 12 weeks, those who drank water before meals lost an average of five pounds more than those who did not increase their water intake. On average, those who drank two 8 ounce glasses of water before a meal ate between 75-90 calories less, per meal. That may not sound much over the period of a day, but over the period of a year it significant.

Many health authorities recommend a minimum of two litres of water. A lot of people do not get anywhere near this amount and are not aware that they are dehydrated. When you consider all the amazing health benefits of water...it is a very cost effective method for weight loss.

It may be as simple as filling the stomach up with zero calories.